Contrast Enhancement Filters

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Contrast Enhancement Filters

Our optical grade acrylic filters have been specifically formulated to optimise the readability of electronic displays under adverse conditions by enhancing contrast and reducing glare whilst improving the appearance of the display.

Services offered:

Selection of Filters


The most important factor for all types of electronic display is readability, which can be difficult under conditions ranging from darkness to bright sunlight. Also, reflected light from the display can cause further viewing difficulties.

Method of Operation

Optolite optical grade filters have been developed to overcome these problems. Readability is improved by increasing the relative contrast between the lit and unlit parts of the display. Band pass filters increase contrast by passing the wavelengths of light from the display whist partially absorbing other wavelengths of ambient light. Selected optolite colours are available which are matched to the transmission characteristics of the display.

Factors to Consider

When matching optolite filters to particular displays to obtain optimum contrast, careful consideration should be given to the transmission curve, shape, attenuation at peak wavelength, wavelength cut off and front surface reflectance. The design needs to consider aesthetics as the appearance of the finished product should also be enhanced. Optolite filters provide the most cost-effective answer to display improvement where the performance of a circular polariser may be partially traded off against price.

Non Glare Finishes

Optolite filters are available with various grades of optional cast-in non-glare finishes. They are manufactured to customer specifications to produce either filters or display panels. The cast-in finish offers advantages in that it cannot chip, peel or rub off.

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