Nano-Observer Atomic Force Microscope

Atomic Force Microscope

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Featured Application Note

HD Kelvin Force Microscopy for AFM - In this article from CS Instruments we have described some applications of surface potential characterization with HD-KFM that range from highly flat materials like graphene or molybdenum disulfide to rough samples like cleaved perovskite solar cells. Read more...

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Atomic Force Microscope

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The Nano-Observer Atomic Force Microscope is a flexible and powerful AFM microscope. It is one of the most cost effective instruments on the market offering high levels of performance at a highly competitive price.

Compact and robust, the Nano-Observer fulfils the requirements for advanced users or beginners. It avoids laser alignment with a pre-positioned tip system. A top and side view of the tip/sample, combined with vertical motorised control, makes the pre-approach easy. Easy positioning can be achieved by combining the optical access with the X-Y translation stage.


Available Modes

  • HD KFM
  • ResiScope
  • Soft ResiScope
  • MFM
  • EFM
  • Force Modulation
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Contact/Friction
  • Oscillating Mode/Phase
  • Conductive AFM

Environmental Options

  • Temperature Control
  • AFM Liquid Measurements
  • Environmental Atmosphere Control
XY Scan Range100µm (tolerance +/- 10%)
Z Scan Range9µm ( tolerance +/- 10%)
XY drive resolution24 bit control - 0.06 Angströms
Z drive resolution24 bit control – 0.006 Angströms
Z noise level<0.05nm RMS
Reduced coherence laserWavelenght 658 nm – power < 1mW
Color optical view systemTop and side view
6 DAC Outputs6 D/A Converters – 24 bit
8 ADC Inputs8 A/D Converters – 16 bit
Data pointsUp to 4096
Integrated Lock-in (Oscillating mode & phase)    Up to 6 MHz
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Controller size - weight8 cm x 20 cm x 26 cm - 2 kg
PowerAC 100 – 240 V 47-63 Hz
Operating SystemWindows XP (SP3 & Framework.NET 3.5 SP1) or Windows 7 or 8

Specific Electrical Modes (HD KFM, RESISCOPE & SOFT RESISCOPE)

HD KFM (Kelvin Force Microscopy)

  • Surface potential mapping
  • 2nd lock-in amplifier
  • NO LIFT: Very high sensitivity & higher spatial resolution

ResiScope II (Resistance over 10 decades)

  • Resistance & Current mapping
  • High sensitivity over the full range
  • Compatible with
    -Oscillating mode / AC mode
    -EFM/MFM or single pass KFM
  • Output information
    -Log R
    -Current I/V spectroscopy

Soft ResiScope (True Quantitative Resistance/Current Measurements with Intermittent Contact

  • UNIQUE Technology
  • NO Contact Mode
  • NO Friction
  • Constant Force = Quantitative Electrical Measurements

Quality Measurements

Low noise laser and electronics to achieve high resolution

  • No interference
  • Pure deflection signal
  • Better resolution (imaging and force curves)

Structure of the Flexstage (patented)

  • Patented amplified flexure stage and noise reduction
  • 3 independent axis
  • atomic steps or molecular resolution until 100µm scan
    -scan resolution 0.06nm X-Y – 0.006nm in Z
  • Low Noise Laser + 24 bit scan control + Low noise controller+ flexstage = all low noise loop = Large scan to high resolution without any scanner replacement.

Resolution / Sharpness

Integrated lock-in = Sensitive Phase Contrast


Environmental Control

  • Prevents the contamination, sample oxydation
  • Stable measurement for electrical chracterization
  • -ResiScope, CAFM, KFM
  • Gases, humidity...
  • Applications
  • -Electrical measurement

EZ Temp

Precise temperature & imaging during temperature changes (Ambiant to 200°C)

Temperature : 70°C to 40°C, Resonant mode, PCL (polycaprolactone) crystallization under temperature control , Scan size : 20µm

EZ Liquids

Topography signal, scan size 80µm x 80µm Embryonic Fibroblast cell DNA circles deposited on mica

Multiple Modes

Electric Field Microscopy (EFM)

A very accurate lock-in for optimized phase measurements

Magnetic Field Microscopy (MFM)

A very accurate lock-in for optimized phase measurements

Conductive AFM

Force Modulation

Piezo Force Microscope (PFM)

Ease of use

Top view for tip/sample positioning

A video color camera is provided with the AFM offering an helpful viewing from the top for tip/sample positioning or side view to make the tip/sample approach easier.

Side View

  • Sample/tip visibility
  • Ease of use
  • Avoids damaging sample or tip
  • Better contrast by lateral illumination

High performance optic (option)positioning

A video color camera is provided with the AFM offering an helpful viewing from the top for tip/sample positioning or side view to make the tip/sample approach easier.

Intuitive software

Only main parameters are displayed for a clean and simple interface software

  • AFM Mode choice in one click
  • Autoset of the controller ! (no cables or module to mount or remove)
  • Pre-configured software (auto settings of most of the parameters)
  • AFM adjustment by “Steps” : the user can follow defined “steps” to set easily the AFM.

Image Gallery

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