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PVD Systems

We are the exclusive UK distributor for Alliance Concept of France. Alliance Concept manufacture on Physical Vapour Deposition systems (PVD). This means that the deposited thin films achieved in their systems are typically measured under the micron scale, in the nanometre unit. This PVD family includes techniques such as Magnetron Sputtering and Thermal Evaporation. Retrofit and upgrade of existing systems from a range of different manufacturers is available.

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The following technologies are available:

Magnetron Sputtering

The sputtering process starts by creating a glow discharge between two polarized electrodes. This discharge, created under vacuum conditions leads to ignition of a cold plasma composed of charged particles (electrons, ions, photons) and neutrals (atoms).

The electric field generated by the potential difference between the electrodes causes positively charged plasma particles to collide with a cathode (target). This bombardment causes sputtering of atoms or clusters of atoms of the target which then condense on the substrate.

The plasma gas commonly used for this technology is Argon. Its atomic mass, neutrality (full valence shell), and its cost make it the ideal candidate.


In summary we have:

Sputtering is commonly used in the world of micro and nanotechnologies and nowadays, the number of applications is increasing. Sputtering is a clean technology that offers a real alternative to wet treatments.

Our Sputterers

The following instruments are avaliable. Contact us if you have bespoke requirements that cannot be matched to the instruments here.

AC450 research and development oriented equipment for sputter deposition

AC450 Research Sputterer

DP650 versatile system for R&D or industrial applications of sputter deposition

DP650 Versatile Research Sputterer

DP850 production system for industrial applications of sputter deposition

DP850 Production Sputterer

DP1100 for sputter deposition of uniform coatings on 200mm substrates

LINE440 inline sputter deposition equipment

Inline Sputterer

LINE1500 for uniform sputter deposition on 1m2 substrates

LINE1500 Uniform Sputterer

LINE2000 for uniform sputter deposition on large 2m2 substrates

LINE2000 Uniform Large Sputterer

DECORA760 for sputter deposition onto 3D complex parts

DECORA760 3D Sputterer

WD1500 for roll to roll sputtering

WD1500 Roll to Roll Sputterer

Vacuum Evaporators

Unlike the sputtering method which is based on a mechanical principle (ion bombardment), vacuum evaporation is based on a thermal principle. Heating allows a source material to reach melting point and then in a second stage its vaporization point.

The vacuum evaporation process is based on two principles : evaporating a heated material and the solid-state condensation of the evaporated material onto the substrate.

The heating of the material can be produced by several techniques:

These technologies allow the deposition of very precise film with low thickness. They are also very reproducible and extra clean. No effluents are produced from the equipment.

Our Vacuum Evaporation Systems

EVA300 compact R&D vacuum evaporation deposition system

EVA300 Research Evaporation System

EVA450 vacuum evaporation R&D or production tool

EVA450 Research Evaporation System

EVA600 between EVA450 and EVA760 vacuum evaporation R&D or production tool

EVA600 Research or Production Evaporation System

EVA760 vacuum evaporator customizable for complex configurations

EVA760 Industrial Evaporation System

Other Vacuum Instruments

P300 cold plasma surface cleaning and activation

The first step of any surface treatment consists of a phase of cleaning and/or surface activation.

The P300 is a versatile plasma surface activation system from Alliance Concept. Microwave, LF Low Frequency or RF Radio Frequency are all available depending on the exact application required. Each system is fully customisable and easy to use.

P300 Surface Activation