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We supply scintillators in the following forms:

Crystal Scintillators

Nal(Tl)Thallium doped Sodium Iodide and Polyscin
BrilLanCe 380Cerium doped Lanthanum Bromide (LaBr3)
BrilLanCe 350Cerium doped Lanthanum Chloride (LaCl3)
BGOBismuth Germanate
PreLude 420Cerium doped lutetium based (LYSO)
CsI(Tl)Thallium doped Cesium Iodide
BaF2Barium Fluoride
CdWO4Cadmium Tungstate
CsI(Na)Sodium doped Cesium Iodide
CsI(pure)Undoped Cesium Iodide
CaF2(Eu)Europium doped Calcium Fluoride
Lithium Glass Scintillators        Cerium activated lithium silicate glass scintillators
YAG(Ce)Cerium doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet

Plastic Scintillators

A plastic scintillator consists of a solid solution of organic scintillating molecules in a polymerized solvent. Because of the ease with which they can be shaped and fabricated, plastic scintillators have become an extremely useful form of organic scintillator.

The scintillation emission of a typical plastic scintillator has a maximum around 400 nm. Plastic scintillators are characterized by a relatively large light output [typically 25-30% of NaI(Tl)] and a short decay time, on the order of a nanosecond. This makes the material well suited for fast timing measurements.

Plastics are often used for detection of charged particles, or when large-volume solid scintillators are needed. Because the density and atomic number are rather low, the material is not suited for gamma ray spectroscopy.

The exact emission wavelength and decay time depend on the type of organic activator and on the host material. A large number of different plastic scintillators are commercially available in a wide selection of standard sizes as rod, cylinder, or flat sheet.

Scintillator   Distinguishing FeaturesPrinciple Application
BC-400 NE-102 equivalentGeneral purpose, thin films
BC-404 1.8 ns time constant Fast counting, thin films
BC-408 Best general purpose General purpose, TOF counters, large area, portals
BC-412 Longest attenuation length (NE-110 equivalent) General purpose, large area, long strips, portal monitors
BC-414 392 nm emission peak Use with BC-484 wavelength shifter
BC-416 Lowest cost "Economy" scintillator, large volume
BC-418 1.4 ns time constant Ultra-fast timing, small sizes
BC-420 1.5 ns time constant, low self-absorption Ultra-fast timing, for sheet areas > 100mm2
BC-422 1.4 ns time constant Very fast timing; small sizes
BC-422Q Quenched, 0.7 ns time constant Ultra-fast timing, ultra-fast counting
BC-428 Green emitter For photodiodes and CCDs, phoswich detectors
BC-430 Red emitter For silicon photodiodes and red-enhanced PMTs
BC-436 Deuterated Fast neutron
BC-440 High temperature up to 100 degrees CGeneral purpose
BC-440M High temperature up to 100 degress C General purpose
BC-444 Slow plastic, 285 ns time constant Phoswich detectors for dE/dx studies
BC-444G 285 ns time constant, green emitter Phoswich detectors for dE/dx studies
BC-452 Lead-loaded (5%) X-ray dosimetry(<100 keV), Mossbauer spectroscopy
BC-454 Boron-loaded (5%) Neutron spectrometry, thermal neutrons
BC-490 Casting resin scintillator General purpose
BC-498 Applied like paint Beta, thin film fabrication
BC-480 UV to blue waveshifter Cerenkov detector
BC-482A Green emitter Blue to green waveshifter
BC-484 Blue emitter Near UV to blue waveshifter

Liquid Scintillators

Liquid scintillators have many applications in neutron and gamma detection. They also provide low-cost alternatives to other scintillators in applications where large volumes are required.

Different base materials provide pulse shape discrimination properties, high flash point, performance at low or high temperatures, or other properties. Some scintillators are loaded with organo-metallic compounds to increase their neutron or photon cross-sections. Certain formulations are designed to be economical in large volumes. Liquid scintillator concentrates designed to be diluted on site are also available.

Liquid scintillator components are purified, mixed, and transferred into cells or storage containers. Quantities produced range from less than 1 liter to several thousand liters. Liquid scintillators are available as detectors or as bulk materials. Liquid scintillator concentrates designed to be diluted on site are available.

Scintillator   Distinguishing FeaturesPrincipal Application
BC-501A Excellent pulse shape discrimination properties γ, 100 keV, fast n spectrometry
BC-505 Highest light output, transmission; high flash point γ, fast n for large volume detectors
BC-509 Negligible hydrogen content; neutron insensitive γ, fast n
BC-517 and BC-519 series are mineral oil based scintillators for large1 tanks and acrylic containers
BC-517H High light output, standard formulation γ, fast n, cosmic, charged particles
BC-517L Standard formulation γ, fast n, cosmic charged particles
BC-517P Lowest cost, highest H content, high light transmission, chemical inertness, highest flash point fast n, cosmic, charged particles
BC-517S Highest light output of mineral oil based scintillators γ, fast n, cosmic, charged particles
BC-519 Pulse shape discrimination properties γ, fast n; n-g discrimination
BC-521 Gd loaded Neutron spectrometry, neutrino research
BC-523A* 10B loaded; pulse shape discrimination properties Total absorption neutron spectrometry
BC-525 Gd loaded; mineral oil base Neutron spectrometry, neutrino research, for large acrylic tanks
BC-531 High H content; high light output; high flash point; moderate cost, for plastic tanks Fast n, cosmic
BC-533 For low temperatures, high flash point, low cost large volume detectors γ fast n, cosmic
BC-537 Deuterated benzene base Fast n; pulse shape discrimination

Scintillating Fibres

Current sizes range from 0.25 mm to 5 mm square or round cross-sections and available in canes, spools, ribbons and arrays. Fibers > 2mm are available only in cane form to prevent the fiber from retaining the shape of the spool.

Fiber     Emission Color   Emission Peak, nm   Decay Time, ns   1/e Length m*   # of Photons per MeV**   Characteristics/Applications
BCF-10blue4322.72.2~8000General purpose; optimized for diameters >250μm
BCF-12blue4353.22.7~8000Improved transmission for use in long lengths
BCF-20green4922.7>3.5~8000Fast green scintillator
BCF-60green53073.5~71003HF formulation for radiation hardness
BCF-91Agreen49412>3.5n/aShifts blue to green
BCF-92green4922.7>3.5n/aFast blue to green shifter
BCF-98n/an/an/an/an/aClear waveguide


Other scintillators, detector assemblies and extras like optical grease are also available.Please enquire if you are looking for something and cannot find it on our website.