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Semiconductor Materials
     Evaporation Materials
     Gallium Nitride
     Germanium Wafers
     High Purity Metals
     Molybdenum Components
     Silicon Wafers
     Sputtering Targets
Testing and Analysis
     Nano Observer Atomic Force Microscope
     ResiScope Electrical Characterisation for AFM
     Leak Testing Systems
     Hand Abrasion Tester
     Mechanical Testing
     Surface Profiling
     Pin on Disk Tribometers
     Thin Film Metrology
Thin Film Processing
     Physical Vapour Deposition Systems PVD
     Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition Systems PECVD
     Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition ALD
     Plasma Etching ICP-RIE
     Thin Film Cluster Tools
Photonic Materials
     Scintillator Materials
     Silicon Blocks
     X-Ray Monochromators
     Laser Optics
Display Filters and Laminated Material
     Shielded Mesh
     Optical Bonding
     Optical Display Filters
     EMC Shielded Window
     Infrared Filters
     Laminated Windows
     Gaskets and Adhesives
     ITO Film and Coatings
     Linear Polarisers
     Circular Polarisers
     650 Plum Contrast Enhancement Filter
     Light Diffusion Filters
     Privacy Glass and Film
     Micro Fine Mesh
     Anti Glare Screens
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