Application Note - Ellipsometry measurement of thick films in the thickness range from 1 to 24 μm

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The accessible film thickness range in spectroscopic ellipsometry using the SENTECH SENresearch 4.0 ellipsometer family is extremely wide. The ellipsometers can measure thicknesses from thin films in the Angstrom range to extremely thick films of about 200 μm.

The high spectral resolution of the SENresearch 4.0 ellipsometer is key for the measurement of extremely thick films.

This application note will discuss the film thickness range from 1.0 μm to 14 μm of a photoresist film and a SiO2 film of 25 μm thickness.

This particular film thickness range is accessible using the SENresearch 4.0 ellipsometer using the basic DUV-VIS spectral range from 240 to 1000 nm. This spectral range is part in all ellipsometers of the SENresearch 4.0 family.

Already the basic spectral range of the SENresearch 4.0 ellipsometers of 240 to 1000 nm will give access to high film thickness of at least up to 25 μm.

SENresearch 4.0 spectral range