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Dosimetry Detectors

PADC (polyallyl diglycol carbonate) also known as CR-39 is a thermoset resin that is commonly used as optical plastic for display applications and is also a particularly sensitive etched-track detector for personal neutron and Radon dosimetry. A detector using this kind of PADC plastic is commonly referred to as an Alpha Track Detector.

When PADC dosimeters are exposed to thermal or fast neutrons and Radon gas decay products, the path of the particle through the dosimeter plastic is marked by a track of broken polymer bonds. Electrochemical etching of the dosimeter plastic allows microscopic detection of the tracks and etch pit counting and data analysis is used to obtain dosimetry counts.

Our dosimeter plastic is produced at high purity and consistent quality to suit this demanding application. Also suitable for neutron detection at accelerators, high power laser fusion etc.

Mi-Net Technology Dosimeter Grade PADC is available as sheets or fabricated detector elements at high dimensional tolerance to customer specification. If you would like to buy dosimeter plastic please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements further

*Image courtesy of Public Health England