We supply X-ray monochromator crystals from Luxium Solutions (previously Saint Gobain Crystals). A monochromating crystal behaves in X-ray spectrometry as does a diffraction grating in optics therefore when rotated with respect to the incident beam it will diffract the spectral component in accordance with Bragg’s Law. The most important characteristic of a monochromating crystal is the double atomic spacing 2d, which defines the largest wavelength which can be diffracted. The St Gobain Crystals & Detector’s range of synthetic & naturally occurring monochromating crystals offers the widest possible variety of 2d spacing.

Our monochromating crystals are supplied as flat (unmounted or mounted on holders) for XRF spectrometers, or curved onto a holder to allow focusing for instruments such as microprobes, scanning electron microscopes, syncrotrons, XFEL, plasma physics.

Luxium Solutions (previously Saint Gobain Crystals) are the premier scintillation detection manufacture for ionizing radiation detection and provide high quality scintillation materials with superior resolution and advanced photo-sensor integration.  Their core technology is the manufacturer of high performance engineering materials to solve their customers’ unique challenges. Luxium Solutions and Mi-Net have been working together in the UK and Ireland for over 30 years.

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Key Features

  • Standard orientation accuracy provided is 10 minutes with up to 1 minute accuracy possible
  • Surface finish is optimized for the best intensity-resolution balance.


There are two main types of focusing configurations available:

X-Ray Monochromators

The Johann Geometry (semi-focusing)

A thin plate is produced by one of the two following methods:

  • Cleavage
  • Machining

The thin plate is then curved cylindrically and glued to a curved holder with approximate focusing.

The Johansson Geometry (exact focusing geometry)

Two different types of Johansson configurations, theoretically leading to perfect focusing, are considered:

  • Single machining Johansson
  • Double machining Johansson

The thin plate is either curved cylindrically, glued to a curved holder and one face is machined (single machining Johansson) or both faces are machined and then glued to a curved holder (double machining Johansson).

We will offer the best technique according to the type of crystal, its dimensions and the radius of Rowland circle to be achieved.

Other types of curvature may be investigated on request. Following designs can be made:  Logarithmic spiral, Elliptical, Conical, Parabolic, Sphere, Toroidal

Manufacturing capabilities strongly depend upon the crystal nature, dimensions as well as the curvature radii.


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Technical Specification

Crystal Lithium fluoride Quartz Indium Antimonide Silicon Germanium Pentaerythritol PET Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate ADP Beryl Acid Phthalates Crystal
Thallium TIAP Rubidium RbAP Potassium KAP Cesium CsAP
Chemical Formula LiF SiO2 InSb Si Ge C(CH2OH2) NH4H2PO4 3BeO,Al2O36SiO2 CO2HC6H4CO2TI CO2HC6H4CO2Rb CO2HC6H4CO2K CO2HC6H4CO2Cs Chemical formula
Crystal system Cubic Hexagonal Cubic Cubic Cubic Quadratic Quadratic Hexagonal Orthorhombic Orthorhombic Orthorhombic Orthorhombic Crystal System
Parameters Parameters
a………………Å…. 4.027 4.913 6.48 5.431 5.658 6.16 7.530 9.21 6.63 6.55 6.46 6.580 a………………Å….
b………………Å…. 4.913 6.16 7.530 9.21 10.54 10.02 9.61 10.752 b………………Å….
c………………Å…. 5.405 8.74 7.542 9.17 12.95 13.06 13.33 12.825 c………………Å….
ß…………………… ß……………………
Reflecting planes orientations (200) (220) (420) (1011) (1010) (111) (111) (220) (111) (220) (002) (101) (1010) (001) (001) (001) (001) Reflecting planes orientations
2d in Å  4.027 2.848 1.801 6.684 8.514 7.480 6.271 3.840 6.532 4.000 8.740 10.648 15.950 25.900 26.120 26.640 26.650 2d in Å
Usual surface finish Cleaved or Treated Treated Treated Polished Polished Polished Polished Polished Polished Polished Cleaved or Treated Polished or Treated Polished Cleaved Cleaved Cleaved Cleaved Usual surface finish
Reflectivity Intense Intense Average Good Good Intense Intense Average Intense Intense Intense Average Average Intense Intense Good Good Reflectivity
Calibration elements Mo, Fe, Ti Mo, Fe Mo Cu Cu Si Cu Cu Cu Cu Al, Si Mg Mg Na, Mg Na Na Na Calibration elements
Common Applications From K to heavy elements Heavy elements
Lines splitting
Heavy elements
Lines splitting
Ge (111)
As PET Quantitative analysis of silicon Extinction of even order spectral lines Mg Na and following elements F to Al Na to Al, up to F in emission probes Na to Al, up to F in emission probes Na to Al, up to F in emission probes Common applications

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