DENKweit Vision AI software performs powerful image analysis with artificial intelligence and with a relatively small number of images.

DENKweit Vision AI is easy to use without expert knowledge and is inexpensive when compared to some of the other AI image analysis solutions presently on the market.

The software can be used for a wide variety of applications from quality control in production, analysis of drone photography, optical character recognition and others.

DENKweit from Halle Germany are an award winning 2018 spin out from the Fraunhofer Institute. Their innovative Magnetic Field Imaging technology combined with their own Vision AI solution has already been sold to a number of world renowned companies and institutes across a variety of applications.


Key Features

  • Powerful AI software can carry out both simple and highly complex image analysis tasks down to pixel detail.
  • Core application is detecting defects in quality control, but also in other applications such as drone photography.
  • Quick and easy to train so that anybody can do it. No need for highly paid experts.
  • Much simpler to tweak compared to traditional machine vision technologies.

What is Vision AI?

Vision AI, also known as computer vision is like giving computers the power of sight. It’s a cutting-edge technology that enables machines to interpret and understand visual data, just like humans do with their eyes and brain. Using advanced algorithms, DENKweit Vision AI can analyse images, recognise objects, defects, people, text, and even emotions making it a powerful tool for a wide variety of tasks.

In automated quality control DENKweit Vision AI allows users to quickly and easily train the AI to detect imperfections with unparalleled precision down to the pixel level. Whether’s it’s identifying minute flaws in intricate electronic components, verifying packaging integrity, or assessing the consistency of food products, DENKweit vision AI enhances efficiency and accuracy, streamlining quality control across industries while reducing human error and production costs.

Also applicable in fields such as drone photography, the applications of DENKweit Vision AI truly are endless provided you can provide it with enough images and information to allow it to learn.

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DENKweit Vision AI image analysis has many possible applications:

Drone Photography

  • Object recognition and classification on aerial drone images
  • Image and video processing
  • Only requires a few images to train the software

Landscape Control

  • Object recognition and classification on aerial drone landscape images
  • Image and video processing
  • Only requires a few images to train the software

Packaging Industry

  • Object recognition and classification of any packaging objects
  • Only requires a few images to train the software
  • Simple and flexible integration into production environment

Face Pixelation

  • Create photos or videos that are DSGVO compliant
  • Pixelate faces quickly and reliably
  • Run process online or on-site

Metal Analysis

  • Analyse any metallic surface
  • Combine with camera technology for unique solution
  • Run process online or on-site
  • Effective replacement for visual inspection

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