HSR Anti Reflective Optical Plastic is a scratch and chemical resistant plastic with a hard wearing AR coating on both sides. It is well suited for applications that are outside or in the presence of bright lights.

The plastic is available clear or EMI shielded with thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 8mm thick. Surface finishes can be clear gloss or in a non-glare finish such as matt.

Plastics such as HSR offer a lightweight but durable alternative to glass and can be easily machined and drilled. Screen printing and gaskets are also available.

Key Features

AR Coated HSR Wavelength Graph
  • Scratch and chemical resistant base material with durable AR coating
  • Well suited to outdoor applications
  • 1mm to 8mm thick
  • Can be machined and drilled
  • Can be printed on with gaskets applied
  • Lightweight

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