MountainsLab® software is the perfect solution for laboratories working with several different types of microscope and profiler. It is an unparalleled, industry-standard surface analysis suite that serves as a centralized hub for all your instrument data. With Digital Surf’s vast experience, you can be assured of accurate and effective analysis, regardless of your specific application.

An extensive range of form and surface texture analyses – Particle and pore analysis – Statistical analysis of both fixed and dynamic populations – Force curve and force volume analysis – Tools for spectroscopy (such as Raman, IR, EDS/EDX, cathodoluminescence etc.) – Added colour and topography models for scanning electron microscope data – Study of multi-channel tomography cubes of compositional data – And much more.

Digital Surf was founded in 1989 by two French engineers who shared a passion for surface analysis.

With over 20,000 users across the globe, Mountains® software has established itself as the industry benchmark for surface and image analysis among engineers, scientists, and researchers. The software is comprised of five distinct product families, each tailored to provide specialized solutions for profilometry, electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, spectroscopy and users working with multiple instruments.

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Key Features

  • Import data from any type of profilometer.
  • Organize analysis data on one or several pages with a document layout.
  • Benefit from total traceability, thanks to a unique analysis workflow that allows you to return to any previous point in the process.
  • Save valuable time with automation capabilities that eliminate repetitive work.
  • Quickly analyse data with statistical tools.
  • Digital Surf has over 30 years of experience in producing analysis software for the industrial and scientific community worldwide, with a strong focus on research and development.
  • Join 20,000+ customers worldwide, including many national scientific bodies (NIST, NPL, PTB, LNE, etc).

This is MountainsLab® for use with all microscopes and profilers. If you only work with profilers then MountainsMap® might be more suitable.

Analysis Capabilities

Data Confluence

Compatible With Any Profiler or Microscope

Import data from:

  • 2D and 3D profilers
  • scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
  • scanning probe microscopy (SPM) including atomic force microscopy (AFM)
  • spectroscopy (such as Raman, TERS, IR, nanoIR, fluorescence, photoluminescence, cathodoluminescence, EDX/EDS, XRF etc.)

Compatibility with most file formats covering:

  • profiles
  • surfaces
  • 3D (tomography) and 2D images
  • multi-channel data
  • force curve data
  • hyperspectral images
  • multi-channel cubes etc.

Correlative Analysis

  • Streamline correlative analysis using MountainsLab®
  • Our colocalization feature enables you to quickly combine and superpose images and data from multiple instruments.
  • Take advantage of advanced rendering options like image correction, colour mixing, and transparency to accentuate important features in your data.

Surface Texture Analysis

  • Leverage Digital Surf’s 30+ years of experience in surface metrology to your advantage.
  • Benefit from application-specific tools designed for surface texture analysis.
  • Explore advanced filters, parameters, and other tools for processing profiles, surfaces, and data series.

Advance Particle Analysis

  • Accurately detect and quantify particles, pores, grains, and other features of any shape and size on any surface, regardless of the instrument used for data acquisition.
  • Utilize application-specific segmentation algorithms designed for your specific instrument type, including profilometers, SEM-SE, SEM-BSE, and multi-channel data.
  • Classify particles into groups based on their characteristics.
  • Generate comprehensive statistics and visualizations, such as scatter plots, box plots, control charts, histograms, and more.

Generate Statistics

  • Produce statistical analyses for both static and dynamic data populations
  • Automatically generate statistical reports, MountainsLab® updates data accordingly
  • Visually represent data using graphical tools, such as control charts, histograms, scatter plots, and more.

Mountains Advanced Contour Analysis

Advanced Contour Analysis

  • Automatically measure profile dimensions
  • Study measured data with regard CAD models (DXF) or define nominal form
  • Apply pass/fail criteria using tolerancing tools
  • Visualize form deviation graphically
  • Save your results in Excel-compatible format, enabling seamless integration with your quality management processes.
  • Analyse profiles with variable dimensions
  • Conduct Gothic Arch analysis.

Force Spectroscopy

  • Use MountainsLab® to analyse force curves and force volumes acquired by atomic force microscopy
  • Get force curves ready for analysis, normalize baselines and calibrate cantilever sensitivity for more accurate results
  • Choose how to visualize force curves, including single attract and/or retract curves, and series of curves, with customizable axis units
  • Detect adhesion force events and calculate relevant parameters, with manual fine-tuning options available
  • Utilise Wormlike Chain (WLC) models for protein unfolding
  • Generate Young’s Modulus map to evaluate sample stiffness
  • Create detailed statistics reports for series of force curves.

Data Analysis For Spectroscopy

  • Explore spectral maps generated by Raman, cathodoluminescence, and photoluminescence techniques with advanced visualization tools
  • Analyse hyperspectral images
  • Integrate spectroscopic data with other instrument data, such as AFM and SEM images, to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your samples
  • Import multi-channel cubes of compositional data
  • Conduct particle analysis

Add colour to SEM Images

By adding colour to SEM images, you can enhance their visual appeal and improve their interpretability. This is especially useful for publishing purposes.

  • With MountainsLab®, colouring objects in your images is as easy as a click of a mouse.
  • The software automatically detects objects without requiring you to add layers or adjust transparency.
  • After colorising your image, you can perform a variety of analyses using the same software, including 3D reconstruction, surface geometry analysis, and surface roughness analysis.

3D SEM Image Reconstruction

  • Reconstruct heights from a pair of tilted scans of your sample
  • Reconstruct heights from a four-image scan captured by a four-quadrant backscattered electron detector
  • Obtain approximate 3D rendering from a single image
  • Access tools for analysing surface roughness and conducting 3D dimensional analysis.

Learn & Teach

  • Utilize pre-made templates and tutorials specifically tailored to your instrument type (2D/3D profiler, SEM, SPM, spectroscopy).
  • Share knowledge and easily train new team members on surface and image analysis techniques with intuitive, illustrated, and annotated templates.

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Optional Modules

Besides the analysis capabilities in the core version of MountainsLab® are a variety of optional modules that allow the user to extend the analysis capability of the software for advanced and specialised applications.

These include:

  • Shell Extension Module – Freeform surface management, complex shape analysis, high quality 3D visualisation.
  • Shell Topography Module – Metrological analysis of shell data (freeform surfaces).
  • Scale-sensitive Analysis Module – Multi-scale methods for analysing geometric properties of surfaces and their scale derivatives (formerly Sfrax software).
  • Automotive Module – Assess functional performance with a full set of profile parameters developed by the automotive industry.
  • Lead Analysis (Twist) Module – 2nd generation lead (twist) analysis for the automotive industry.
  • Contour Analysis Module – First level geometric dimensioning & tolerancing of contour profiles & horizontal contours derived from images & surfaces.
  • Advanced Contour Analysis Module – Extended dimensioning and tolerancing, DXF CAD-compare, Gothic arch and other advanced features.
  • 4D Surface Change Module – Analyse surface change in regards to time, temperature, magnetic field or another dimension.
  • Particle Analysis Module – A full toolset for identifying and studying particles, pores, grains, islands etc. on textured surfaces.
  • Advanced Profile Module – Advanced profile filtering, Fourier analysis, fractal analysis and statistical analysis of series of profiles.
  • Fourier & Wavelets Module – FFT-based texture analysis, advanced FFT filtering, multi-scale analysis by wavelets.
  • Thickness Analysis Module – General or zone-specific interactive thickness characterisation based on pairs of surfaces or profiles.


Free Trial & Discount

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As well as the free demo we are offering a special discount should you decide to purchase a Mountains® license through Mi-Net before the end of August 2023.

To qualify for the discount you must download Mountains® using the link on this page. The discount is for our launch with Digital Surf and only available until the end of August 2023 so please contact us now for more information.

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