Privacy glass is optically clear from some angles and opaque at others and so is ideal for confidential viewing on displays where privacy viewing is required. This effect is achieved by the use of microlouvers within the display material.

Key Features

  • Provides privacy when required
  • Improves sunlight readability
  • Allows light to be directed where it is needed
  • Enhances contrast by blocking off-axis light


Privacy glass has a number of applications including but not limited to:

  • ATM machines
  • In flight entertainment screens
  • Secure access entry equipment
  • Avionic settings

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Film dimensions are as follows:

  • Thickness 0.030″-0.034″ (0.53-0.81mm)
  • Length 10″ and 30″ (254mm and 762mm)
  • Width 12″ (305mm)

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