Who are Mi-Net Technology?

Mi-Net is a supplier of advanced products and services for scientific research and industry. Founded in 1986 Mi-Net have been working in the scientific community for over 35 years.

Our product range spans complimentary markets and industries. With a grounding in physics we are used by customers in areas such as engineering, natural sciences, medical and quality control. Our products are used both in research and industrial settings.

Working from our offices in Maidenhead and Nottingham we have excellent coverage across our core marketplace of the UK and Ireland. Many of our products are also sold worldwide.

Taking pride in everything we do

Mi-Net is a family owned business dedicated to supplying quality scientific products and in maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. This is achieved in partnership with our valued suppliers and through a sense of pride in the service we deliver to our customers past and present.

Over 35 successful years


Leading edge suppliers

A family ethos

A High Quality Product Range

We recognize that our products often represent a substantial investment for our customers and we understand that quality and reliability is essential.

With this in mind we focus on maintaining a product range of high quality products from reputable suppliers many of whom we have worked with over long periods of time.

When evaluating our product range customers are often able to take advantage of our free sample processing services and for select instruments we can now offer paid lab services.

Service As A Priority

Aftersales service is available for all of our instruments and many of our components and materials. Delivered through strong partnerships with our suppliers we aim to give our customers confidence and peace of mind. 

As a family owned business we take a great deal of pride in the service provided to our customers. From first contact through to aftersales we are driven to deliver a service that keeps our customers happy.

We are known for being thorough and detail oriented with a strong commitment to delivering effective and long lasting solutions.

How it all began…

Mi-Net Technology was formed in 1986 by husband and wife team Michael and Janet Shropshall. The Mi and Net from their names was taken to create Mi-Net and the rest is history!

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