MountainsMap® software is the number #1 choice for engineers, scientists, and metrologists worldwide, thanks to its unparalleled capabilities in 2D and 3D surface texture analysis and metrology. Trusted by thousands, it seamlessly integrates with profilometers and other surface measuring equipment, setting the gold standard in the industry.

Generate visual representations and perform corrections and analyses on profiles and surfaces – Apply ISO 16610 to filter roughness and waviness – Compute ISO profile and areal parameters – Utilize advanced tools such as Fourier analysis, particle analysis, step height measurements, form fitting, wavelet filters and fractal analysis to obtain functional and metrological information from your measured data.

Digital Surf was founded in 1989 by two French engineers who shared a passion for surface analysis.

With over 20,000 users across the globe, Mountains® software has established itself as the industry benchmark for surface and image analysis among engineers, scientists, and researchers. The software is comprised of five distinct product families, each tailored to provide specialized solutions for profilometry, electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, spectroscopy and users working with multiple instruments.

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Key Features

  • Import data from any type of profilometer.
  • Organize analysis data on one or several pages with a document layout.
  • Benefit from total traceability, thanks to a unique analysis workflow that allows you to return to any previous point in the process.
  • Save valuable time with automation capabilities that eliminate repetitive work.
  • Quickly analyse data with statistical tools.
  • Digital Surf has over 30 years of experience in editing analysis software for the industrial and scientific community worldwide, with a strong focus on research and development.
  • Join 20,000+ customers worldwide, including many national scientific bodies (NIST, NPL, PTB, LNE, etc).

This is MountainsMap® for use with profilers. If you also have other microscopes in your lab then you could consider the more comprehensive MountainsLab® which can be used for a broader range of analysis instruments. Contact us to discuss if you are not sure and remember you can download a demo to find out how the software can work for you.

Analysis Capabilities

Mountains Roughness Analysis

Roughness and ISO parameters

Use advanced filtering techniques compliant with ISO 16610 to seperate roughness and waviness components of surfaces.

Perform roughness analysis and calculate surface texture parameters:

  • 3D parameters from ISO 25178: height (SaSqSskSkuSz, etc.,) and functional (SmrSmcSxp) parameters.
  • ISO 4287 (and ISO 21290) primary and roughness parameters (RaRqRskRmrRdcRdqRPc, etc.).

Access ASME B46.1 2D and 3D parameters (USA),  GB/T (China), DIN (Germany), JIS (Japan), NF (France), BSI (UK), UNE (Spain) and UNI (Italy) etc.

Carry out functional analysis:

  • Abbott-Firestone bearing ratio curve and depth distribution histogram.
  • Subtraction of one surface from another (wear).
  • Assessment of the material/void volume ratio and thickness of up to three vertical slices of a surface.

Mountains Data Correction

Data Correction

Get your measured data ready for analysis and eliminate outliers, local defects, and noise using a variety of tools, such as:

  • Level
  • Flip (horizontal or vertical axis)
  • Rotate
  • Zone extraction
  • Correction or deletion of abnormal scan lines
  • Threshold (remove spikes)
  • Retouch isolated artifacts
  • Deconvolution to reduce tip impact in measurements
  • Filling in non-measured data points.
  • Surface smoothing
  • Resample to improve image resolution

Mountains Surface Geometry

Surface Geometry

Analyse surface geometry efficiently and precisely using our suite of measurement tools, which includes:

  • Distances.
  • Angles.
  • Areas of peaks and valleys.
  • Volumes of bumps and holes.
  • Step heights on surfaces and profiles.
  • Coplanarity.

Mountains Surface Stitching

Surface Stitching

  • Seamlessly combine multiple measurements that overlap on the horizontal plane.
  • Interactively merge two or more surface measurements taken at different heights into a single surface to effectively increase vertical range for analysis.

Mountains Sub Surface Analysis

Sub-surface Analysis

  • Quickly extract a rectangular or non-rectangular region of interest from a surface.
  • Remove a slice from a surface by setting a threshold value.
  • Automatically partition a surface into texture cells or motifs, and then extract and level a sub-surface.

After a sub-surface or region of interest has been extracted, it can be analysed using the same parameters as on full surfaces. This allows for detailed analysis of specific features, such as roughness, flatness, and coplanarity of planes on mechanical, electronic, and MEMS components.

Mountains Shell Freeform Analysis

Shell analysis (freeform surfaces)

Visualize and analyse shells:

  • Import, visualize, and analyse freeform surfaces (shells) in various file formats such as STL, OBJ, PLY & 3MF.
  • Process data acquired by profilometers with multiple scanning axes.
  • Manage applications that require a multi-angle view of the data, such as additive manufacturing or X-ray tomography scans.
  • Extract specific areas of interest from a shell and perform analysis.
  • Derive surfaces and parametric profiles from shells and analyse them further.

Carry out metrological studies on shells:

  • Display surface curvature and deviation in 3D using color maps
  • Fit a reference form such as a planar, cylindrical or spherical surface
  • Calculate a smooth reference surface by applying a Gaussian-like filter
  • Compute a range of freeform surface texture parameters, including height, hybrid/spatial, and volume parameters

Mountains Advanced Contour Analysis

Advanced Contour Analysis

  • Extract a vertical (x,z) or horizontal (x,y) contour (profile) from any surface of interest
  • Establish nominal form using interactive tools and associate geometric elements with contours
  • Calculate dimensions including distances, radii, diameters, and angles using automatic, interactive tools
  • Study measured data with regard CAD models (DXF) or define nominal form
  • Fix tolerances, including large positional tolerances
  • Inspect form deviation and display graphically
  • Generate tables of results, including pass/fail for efficient reporting
  • Conduct Gothic arch analysis of bearings and gain valuable insights.

Mountains Particle Analysis

Particle Analysis and More

Particle analysis:

  • Automatically identify and quantify grains, particles, islands, bumps, holes, and motifs (texture cells) using specific detection techniques
  • Segment particles into groups based on several criteria
  • Create control charts, histograms, and scatter plots

Fourier & wavelets analysis

  • Perform frequency analysis.
  • Calculate parameters for isotropy, directionality, and periodicity. Visualize dominant surface directions.
  • Denoise surfaces.
  • Apply discrete wavelet filtering to 3D surfaces and 2D profiles.
  • Conduct continuous wavelet decomposition.

4D analysis

  • Perform 4D analysis with respect to time, temperature, magnetic field, or another dimension.
  • See animated views of surface change
  • Generate statistics on surface texture change.
  • Use the Karhunen-Loève transform (principal component analysis).

Mountains Correlative Analysis

Correlative Analysis

  • Conduct correlative analysis on data from various profilers or microscopes seamlessly with a single software solution.
  • Locate the same features on 3D surface topography data and images acquired from different instruments (e.g. SEM, AFM).

Left: colocalization of an SEM image and an optical microscope image.

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Optional Modules

Besides the analysis capabilities in the core version of MountainsMap® are a variety of optional modules that allow the user to extend the analysis capability of the software for advanced and specialised applications.

These include:

  • Shell Extension Module – Freeform surface management, complex shape analysis, exceptional 3D visualisation.
  • Shell Topography Module – Metrological analysis of shell data (freeform surfaces).
  • Scale-sensitive Analysis Module – Multi-scale methods for analysing geometric properties of surfaces and their scale derivatives (formerly Sfrax software).
  • Automotive Module – Assess functional performance with an extensive set of profile parameters designed by the automotive industry.
  • Lead Analysis (Twist) Module – 2nd generation lead (twist) analysis for the automotive industry.
  • Contour Analysis Module – First level geometric dimensioning & tolerancing of contour profiles & horizontal contours derived from images & surfaces.
  • Advanced Contour Analysis Module – Extended dimensioning and tolerancing, DXF CAD-compare, Gothic arch and other advanced features.
  • 4D Surface Change Module – Analyse surface change in regards to time, temperature, magnetic field or another dimension.
  • Particle Analysis Module – A full toolset for identifying and studying particles, pores, grains, islands etc. on textured surfaces.
  • Advanced Profile Module – Advanced profile filtering, Fourier analysis, fractal analysis and statistics on series of profiles.
  • Fourier & Wavelets Module – FFT-based texture analysis, advanced FFT filtering, multi-scale analysis by wavelets.
  • Thickness Analysis Module – General or zone-specific interactive thickness characterisation based on pairs of surfaces or profiles.

Free Trial & Discount

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As well as the free demo we are offering a special discount should you decide to purchase a Mountains® license through Mi-Net before the end of August 2023.

To qualify for the discount you must download Mountains® using the link on this page. The discount is for our launch with Digital Surf and only available until the end of August 2023 so please contact us now for more information.

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