Our profilometry lab testing service is offered in partnership with the Nanovea Europe lab. Using their range of 3D non contact optical profilometers we are able to measure sample properties such as roughness & finish, texture, geometry & shape, step height & thickness, volume & area, flatness & warpage.

We can provide measurements based on ASTM and ISO standards or we can design custom tests for your specific requirements.

Urgent expedited testing is available on request.

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Nanovea Inc are based in Irvine, a tech hub of Southern California. They have been redefining standards in quality control and materials development internationally for over a decade. Nanovea’s instruments can be found in renowned education and industrial organisations around the world.

Nanovea CB500 Mechanical Tester

Our Lab Tools

  • 2D and 3D measurement
  • Can measure both flat and curved samples using interchangeable measurement sensors
  • Can measure dull and reflective samples
  • Measurement of large samples with no need for image stitching or refocusing
  • Limited sample preparation required
  • Powerful analysis software

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Tests & Standards

All Surfaces & Materials Standard
Surface Roughness ISO 4287
Geometry Analysis ISO 13565
Step Height & Thickness ISO 12085
Flatness & Warpage ISO 12780
Texture Analysis ISO 12181
Volume & Area ISO 25178
Surface Subtraction
R-values & S-values plus other standards

How It works

Chromatic Confocal technique uses white light that passes through a series of lenses with high degree of chromatic aberrations. Each wavelength will focus at a different distance creating the vertical measurement range. When a surface of interest is within the measurement range a single wavelength of the white light will be in focus while all others will be out of focus. Only the focused wavelength will pass through the pin hole filter to reach the CCD spectrometer. The physical wavelength measured corresponds to a vertical position. No complex algorithms are used to obtain the height value ensuring accurate results for all surface conditions unlike other techniques.


If you need a quote or would like more information on this product then please get in touch

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