Our hand abrasion lab testing service is offered in partnership with the Tribotron laboratory. Using their Tribotouch tools we are able to perform hand abrasion tests at a variety of loads, frequencies and environments for a wide range of different sample types.

We can provide tests based on ASTM and ISO standards or we can design custom tests for your specific requirements.

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Tribotron of Switzerland specialise in innovative methods for surface and material testing. They operate a testing and demonstration lab in St.Gallen.


Our Lab Tools

  • Standard fabric simulating human skin according to ISO 12947-1/IEC 68-2-70
  • Able to simulate soiling of materials
  • Simulate rub resistance of leather
  • Simulate high-abrasive mechanical wear using abrasion pads or scotch pads
  • Artificial sweat according to DIN ISO 9022-12
  • Hand cream / sun lotion plus others available on customer request
  • High/low temperature
  • Designed for operation in climate chambers

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