Sputtering Targets

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Mi-Net Technology Ltd is a UK supplier of sputtering targets. Mi-Net has a long experience of sputtering target production and an excellent reputation for quality. All sputtering targets ship with a certificate of conformity and SDS. We supply targets to industrial and research customers and custom targets are available.

Pure Metal Targets

Metal sputtering targets are usually made from highly pure metals. They are the most widely used and fundamental coating materials for sputter deposition technology.

Alloy Targets

Alloy sputtering targets are made by combining one or two metallic or non-metallic elements while still showing the some metallic characteristics.

Oxide Targets (Ceramic Sputtering Targets)

Oxide sputtering targets with one or more oxides being the main principal components and other minor oxides being the additives.

Sulphide Targets

Sulphide, also spelled sulfide. Sulphide targets have unique optical properties.

Selenide Targets

A selenide is a chemical compound containing a selenium anion with oxidation number of −2 (Se2−), much as sulfur does in a sulfide.

Boride Targets

A boride is a compound between boron and a less electronegative element, for example silicon boride. Some borides exhibit very useful physical properties.

Carbide Targets

Silicon wafers packed in cassettes vacuum sealed in a clean room environment. Wafers with thermal oxide (SiO2) layers and silicon nitride (Si3N4) layers are available. Custom sizes and thicknesses also available.

Silicide Targets

A silicide is a compound that has silicon with (usually) more electropositive elements.Silicon is more electropositive than carbon.

Telluride Targets

Telluride Target Materials for Sputtering or Laser Ablation.

Nitride Targets

Nitrides are a large class of compounds with a wide range of properties and applications. Like carbides, nitrides are often refractory materials owing to their high lattice energy.

Fluoride Targets

Fluoride is an inorganic, monatomic anion with the chemical formula F− (also writen [F]−), whose salts are typically white or colourless.