Mi-Net Technology is the UK distributor for Alpine Research Optics. ARO supply high performance catalog and laser optics, and has developed a reputation for manufacturing excellence since 1991.

At Alpine Research Optics their core strength is their ability to produce durable, long life, high damage threshold coatings on tight tolerance substrates, particularly in the UV. They support a wide variety of laser applications for leading edge equipment manufacturers in the semiconductor, medical, defence and industrial markets. They are also very proud to have many of the world renowned research universities and national laboratories as long time customers.

The Alpine Research Optics in-house coating and fabrication capabilities have expanded well beyond their core strength with coatings into the mid-wave infrared spectrum and fabrication of spherical and flat optics with complex shapes. Their employees work tenaciously to offer reliable high quality optics, remarkably consistent on-time deliveries and complete solutions to our customers.

Please visit http://arocorp.com/ for more information about the Alpine Research Optics product range.

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