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Mechanical Testing | Hardness | Scratch | Wear

Nanovea Mechanical Testers provide unmatched multi-function Nano, Micro and Macro modules on a single platform. Each module includes indentation, scratch and wear tester modes providing the widest range of testing available on a single module.

The modules use independent force & depth sensors to obtain depth vs load curves during indentation, plastic and elastic deformation during scratch and friction coefficient and wear rate during linear or rotational wear testing. Additionally, force feedback controlled loops insure quick and accurate load control during testing. It is the ideal solution for determining the full range of mechanical properties of (soft or hard, thin or thick) coatings, substrates and particles.

Applications range from low loads to measure hardness and elastic modulus of biomaterials to high loads required to test the fracture toughness of protective glass. Both the Platform and Compact Base have been designed to be user friendly and versatile to allow a complete range of testing. In addition to a powerful microscope several optical imaging options are available. Options include a 3D noncontact profiler and AFM for high resolution 3D imaging of indentation, scratch and wear track in addition to other optical measurements such as roughness, step height and area. Image pattern recognition is also a software option on both the Nano and Micro Module to allow automated indentation hardness testing for quality control use (Nanovea PRVision).

M3 Automated Nano or Micro Indenter

The M3 is a breakthrough in technology that aims at two distinct aspects missing in the hardness testing market. First, the combination of three factors never before available: automated controlled load & depth, nano through micro range (ASTM E2546) with a competitive price.

M3 Mechanical Tester

Compact Base

The Compact Base allows one interchangeable module at a time while still providing the full range of testing available. Equipped with automated 50mm x 100mm XY motorized table and a 25mm Z motorized table. An optional rotational stage is available for wear testing. Video zoom camera can be combined with optional AFM or Optical Profiler. Ideal solution for budget limitations and small research facilities.

Compact Mechanical Tester

Platform Base

Platform BaseThe Platform Base allows up to two modules on a single system providing the widest testing capability available. Equipped with automated 150mm XY motorized tables and a 50mm Z motorized table. A gas-spring slide allows to adjust height clearance up to a total of 140mm for varying sample sizes. An optional rotational stage is available for wear testing. The base also integrates a position control joypad and an emergency stop button. In addition to the full video microscope, an AFM and an Optical Profiler are optional. Further customizations are possible. The Platform is the ideal option for diverse and expanding measurement needs.

Platform Mechanical Tester

Ergonomic Workstation for Environmental Control

Ergonomic WorkstationAn anti-vibration table is recommended for nano metric level tests. The Ergonomic Workstation integrates a high quality air table in addition to attached flexible arms for both the keyboard and the monitor. A Plexiglas enclosure, independently supported by the table, protects against air movement and sound waves. Ideal option for strict environment mechanical testing.

Environmental Enclosure

Mechanical Tester Applications

Nanovea Mechanical Testers provide the widest range of testing on a single system. And because so, the mechanical properties of virtually any coating, film or substrate material can be tested, whether hard or soft, thin or thick. Industries include: Semiconductor, Microelectronics, Solar, Fiber Optics, Automotive, Aerospace, Metallurgy, Machining, Coatings, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, Environmental and many others.

Application Notes

Please visit for a comprehensive list of application notes available for wear, friction and other test methods.