The PB1000 mechanical tester from Nanovea is capable of scratch, hardness and wear testing across both Nano and Micro load ranges all on one flexible tool. Test loads are possible from Nano through to 400N giving one of the largest load ranges available on the market on one single tool. All test modes utilise true closed loop feedback load control from independent load and depth sensors giving unmatched accuracy and repeatability. 

The tool sits on it’s own stand alone air table with isolation cabinet and can perform testing on a large 200 x 150mm stage.

Nanovea Inc are based in Irvine, a tech hub of Southern California. They have been redefining standards in quality control and materials development internationally for over a decade. Nanovea’s instruments can be found in renowned education and industrial organisations around the world.

Nanovea CB500 Mechanical Tester

Key Features

  • Nano AND Micro scratch, indentation and wear testing all on one tool up to 400N max with quick and easy transition between tests
  • High resolution compressive load cell and closed loop feedback control with independent load and depth sensors
  • Stand alone design with 200mm x 150mm stage, full anti-vibration solution and isolation cabinet
  • Technology allowing high accuracy testing of soft samples, higher speed testing and mapping
  • Video microscope for high resolution imaging of sample plus additional optical options including AFM or 3D non-contact profilometer
  • Modular environmental options such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity and liquid

Testing Solutions

The PB1000 mechanical tester has a wide range of testing capabilities all with high accuracy and repeatability.


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Nano or Micro

The PB1000 is capable of Nano and Micro indentation, scratch or wear testing all on the same tool.


Optical Options

During the build there are optical options that can be added to the PB1000 mechanical tester.

Atomic Force Microscope

AFM expands 3D capabilities into the angstrom measurement range. This includes lateral resolution which is not possible using optical techniques.

Lateral Resolution 1.7nm
Height Resolution 0.4nm | 0.13nm
Modes Static, Dynamic & Extended
X-Y Scan Range 110µm
X-Y Scan Resolution 25µm
Calibration With Indenter Accurate to within under 0.2µm of indenter position

Video Microscope Imaging

The addition of a video microscope allows the user to visually examine their sample before selecting where to make a mechanical test. It is also used to image scratches for analysis within the tool software.

Objective Magnification Up to 100x
Colour Video Camera
 1200 x 1600
Calibration With Indenter Accurate to within under 0.2µm of indenter position
Image Stitching Large area stitching capability

3D Optical Profiler

A 3D Optical Profiler can be used to scan and analyze samples before, after or independently from a mechanical test. A Nanovea profilometer is mounted on the PB1000 and powerful analysis software is installed onto the tool PC.

Max Z Range up to 3mm
Surface Measurements 2D & 3D Non-Contact
Calibration With Indenter Accurate to within under 0.2µm of indenter position
Scan Area Large surface scan with no image stitching required
Measurement capability Any roughness, any material with high accuracy

Technical Specification


Base Specifications
X-Y Stage Travel 200mm x 150mm
XY Lateral Resolution 0.1µm
Z Motorized Approach 50mm
Adjustable Z-Clearance 140mm extra manual height adjustment


Test Modules
Nano Module Specification Micro Module
Indentation, scratch, wear & friction Modes of Testing Indentation, scratch, wear & friction
80 | 400 | 1800 | 4800mN Load Range 20 | 40 | 200 |400N
250 | 1500µm Depth Range 1mm
40 | 400 | 1800mN Friction Range 20 | 200N
150-400kHz Acoustic Emission Frequencies 150 – 400kHz
0.1 to 100Hz DMA/CSM Frequencies N/A
5 minutes for 100 indents Fastmap 12 minutes for 100 indents
275° | 450°C High Temperature 275° | 450° | 600°C
Down to -10°C | <-40°C Low Temperature Down to -10°C | <-40°C
5% to Dew Point Humidity 5% to Dew Point
Yes Liquid Yes
Values separated by | indicate different build options.

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