Northumbria Paper

Mi-Net congratulates Professor Martin Birkett and Dr Cecil Cherian Lukose of Northumbria University on the publishing of their paper “Biocompatible Ti3Au-Ag/Cu thin film coatings with enhanced mechanical and antimicrobial functionality”. We were grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Martin and Cecil and to provide them with Scratch Test, Wear Test and Profilometry results using Nanovea contract lab services, delivered by Nanovea SRL team members Davide Morrone and Lorenzo Mendola.

The paper centres around research into thin film coating which can prolong the life of artificial joint implants. In order to achieve this, the protective coating should have enhanced mechanical properties like hardness and wear resistance. In addition to mechanical properties, these coating should also prevent biofilm formation on medical devices which is a persistent problem leading to sheltering of bacteria and development of infections and implant rejection. One potential solution to this problem is to dope the alloy with known antimicrobial elements and in this paper, Northumbria investigate the material characteristics of Ti3Au -Ag/Cu doped intermetallic alloy thin film coatings which have been imparted with enhanced wear performance and antimicrobial functionality.

Dr Cecil Cherian Lukose says “Very happy to share that our article on biomedical Ti3Au-Ag/Cu thin film coatings has been published with the Biomedical Research journal (IF-11.3 and WoS -3/45). This work is the third installment from the superhard Ti3Au series and explores the effect of Ag/Cu doping on enhancing the mechanical hardness, wear performance, and antimicrobial resistance. These results give confidence that Ti3Au based intermetallic coatings can be used to prolong the life cycle of artificial joint implants one day.”

To read the paper you can visit the BMC website here – Biocompatible Ti3Au–Ag/Cu thin film

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