B-LAB Paper

The DENKweit B-LAB tool uses a non-invasive magnetic field imaging technique to visualise the direction and strength of electric currents. In the battery industry, the B-LAB is used to measure current flow within batteries and to identify potential faults. It features in a recently published paper by DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology) South Korea.

The paper discusses the need within the battery community to build safer Li-ion batteries due to a potential for small errors inside battery cells triggering catastrophic failures. However, with conventional methods it has proven challenging to distinguish and trace cell failures without detailed knowledge of internal cell anatomy.

In this study, fault-simulated batteries containing intentional manufacturing faults are scanned using the B-LAB. Simulated faults include lead-tab connection failures, electrode misalignment and stacking faults.

To full paper is available from the Wiley Online Library here – Diagnosis of Current Flow Patterns Inside Fault‐Simulated Li‐Ion Batteries via Non‐Invasive, In Operando Magnetic Field Imaging – Lee – Small Methods – Wiley Online Library

You can find more information about B-LAB here – DENKweit B-LAB Magnetic Field Imaging | Mi-Net Technology


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