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In this application note it will be explained how the Nanovea Micro Module Tester has been designed to offer the world's leading instrumented indentation and scratch testing. Now capable of testing from loads of 0.03N up to 200N or even 400N on one tool combined with a highly accurate and repeatable stage. Load data is collected from load cells while depth is measured from a high precision capacitor depth sensor. High structural stiffness of the system ensures the instrument is as reliable and as accurate at low loads as it is at high loads.

Mechanical Testing

We have performed multiple tests across different loads to demonstrate the repeatability and accuracy of the Nanovea mechanical tester. Please read our application note for more information. We also invite you to send us your samples so you can see first hand what is possible with this instrument. Or if you just want to talk with us you can contact us via the contact details at the top and foot of this page.