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Analyzing particles in microscopy & profilometry data plays a pivotal role in unraveling intricate biological and material structures in industries such as medicine, electronics and materials science.

Join us for the second episode of our particle analysis webinar series, where Mathieu will explore advanced tools for microscopy and profilometry data in Mountains® software including the latest additions that will make your data analysis even more powerful and efficient.

The webinar is aimed at current users of Mountains® software, in particular (but not exclusively) the Particle Analysis module, anyone trying out the software and, more widely, at anyone analyzing data featuring particles, pores, grains and other image features (of any shape and size) that have boundaries. This data can be collected using profilometry or microscopy, in particular scanning probe microscopy (SPM) including atomic force microscopy (AFM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), 3D profilometry, optical microscopy or spectroscopic techniques.

What you’ll see in this webinar:

  • Performing particle analysis on multi-channel data
    • Switching between channels
    • Using different channels for detection and calculation
  • Refining detected particles
    • Separating (splitting) or merging particles
    • Morphological correction (dilation/erosion)
    • Removing particles on edges
  • Using the Classification feature
    • Grouping particles into different classes based on several characteristics, such as their geometrical shape, height or size
    • Creating a 3D rendering of your sample
  • Statistics
    • Generating statistical studies (histogram, control chart, box plot etc.) on your particle analysis

Participants are invited to send their questions through the chat during the live webinar. Mathieu will answer as many as possible at the end.

Join us for the live broadcast on Thursday, Jan 25, 2024, at 4 PM CET. If you’re unable to attend, register to receive a link to watch at a more convenient time.

Duration: 40 minutes approx.

Speaker: Mathieu Cognard, Product Manager for SPM & Light Microscopy Applications @ Digital Surf

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