DENKsession #4
Location: Online

Coming up July 2nd at 3pm is the next installment of the DENKsession series. DENKsession #4 discusses the use of the DENKweit VisionAI software solution to solve quality control problems in the food industry.

The session focuses on problems such as:

  • How well is a product sealed?
  • Is the expiry date on the product OK?
  • Is the text printed onto the packaging correctly?
  • Are the right number of products within the packaging?
  • Are there any defects on the packaging or on the products themselves?

Checking for these problems one product at a time can be a tiresome and expensive manual task. VisionAI allows you to automate this process in a way that saves money and avoids human error.

The 30 minute DENKsession will consist of:

  • opening live Q&A.
  • insights into problem solving VisionAI applications in the food industry.
  • real examples and what challenges need to be overcome in that field.

Come and join us! The registration link is via LinkedIn but if you can’t register that way then please contact us and we will register you by email.

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