The NAGS20 ultrahigh pressure homogenizer is equipped with a proprietary JK unit. The sample is pressurized by a high pressure pump and passed through the JK unit to disperse, emulsify and crush the sample particles. This takes place under a pressure higher than the hydraulic pressure at the bottom of a deep sea trench and at a speed faster than that of sound.

The NAGS20 is desktop sized and easy to use with touchscreen operation. It is designed for use in research and development laboratories.

Jokoh of Japan have been part of healthcare research and development for over 70 years. They opened their first branch in Tokyo and now market their products to approximately 40 countries worldwide.


Key Features

nags processing
  • Desktop sized with touchpad operation
  • Designed for use in research & development laboratories
  • Only small sample volume required – minimal 8ml to continuous processing – ideal for valuable samples
  • High viscosity (less than 200Mpa) and high concentration (60% or less) can be processed
  • Minimal contamination of very pure samples
  • Can process coarse particles and avoid need for pre-processing

How It Works

The NAGS20 uses a proprietary unit called the JK unit. The 3 stage process and image below demonstrates how samples are processed.

  1. Generation of parallel liquid phase jet streams
  2. Particle collision creates a flow through linear effect
  3. Vortex jet stream
Jokoh NAGS20 Ultrahigh Pressure Homogenizer

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Dispersion Mixing Pulverization Emulsification
  • Carbon nano tube (Carbon related new materials)
  • Nickel powder (Electrode materials)
  • Barium titanate (Die electrode substance for condenser)
  • Fluorine resin (Filler for elastomer)
  • Organic paints (Various pigments)
  • Carbonic calcium (The dairy industries)
  • Dispersal substance for cosmetics (Sun-screen)
  • Barrister substance (Electronic parts)
  • Barium titanate material (Ceramics)
  • Carbon black for battery (Battery)
  • Supplement (Acerola)
  • Bio-nano-fiber (Cellulose)
  • Organic chemist (a herbal medicine)
  • RNA (Cosmetics)
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Photosensitizer for photo film

If you need a quote or would like more information on this product then please get in touch

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