The Tribotron TRIBOTOUCH Hand Abrasion Tester can be used to perform testing on hard coatings used for decorative and protective purposes. Using the TRIBOTOUCH we are able to observe visual changes to a coating after mechanical stress.

In this video application note the TRIBOTOUCH is used to test five different samples:

  1. Standard galvanic chrome.
  2. PVD coating on brushed surface.
  3. High gloss PVD coating with black appearance.
  4. Gold optic PVD coating on a brushed surface.
  5. High gloss gold optic PVD coating.

In each test a silicon test finger approaches the surface at a speed of 60mm per second before following a friction path along the sample in a way that mimics the action of the human finger. A wool textile in between the test finger and the sample simulates the texture of human skin. In this application video this test motion is repeated 10,000 times at a 10 newton test load.

For full details of the test and to see the results please go ahead and watch the video.

You can read more about the TRIBOTOUCH instrument here.

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