droplet lab dropometer

Droplet Lab

Mi-Net are excited to announce a new partnership with Droplet Labs of Ontario Canada. Droplet Lab, founded in 2016 by Dr Alidad Amirfazli manufacture a unique smartphone based optical tensiometer called the Dropometer. The Dropometer is simple to operate, compact and provides researchers and educators with technical capabilities usually found in far more expensive and bulky equipment.

Designed by experts in tensiometry and backed by peer-reviewed research, the Droplet Lab Dropometer is the only smartphone based tensiometer suitable for both corporate and academic R&D.

Use the Dropometer to measure Contact Angle, Surface Tension, Surface Energy and Sliding Angle Measurements.

For more information you can visit the product page here. Or contact us if you have any questions.

Do you have left over lab budget that needs spending? Consider the Dropometer.

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