Scintillating fibers consist of a polystyrene-based core and a PMMA cladding. The scintillating core contains a combination of fluorescent dopants selected to produce the desired scintillation, optical and radiation-resistance characteristics.

Sizes range from 0.5mm to 3mm either round or square cross sections and come in canes or spools. Custom sizes and designs are available on request for larger projects. Fibers >2mm are only available in cane form to prevent permanent bending whilst spooled.

Scintillating fibers are used in applications such as industrial gauging, calorimeters, and real-time imaging systems. In the UK we have many customers using scintillator fibers in muon imaging systems.

Luxium Solutions (previously Saint Gobain Crystals) are the premier scintillation detection manufacture for ionizing radiation detection and provide high quality scintillation materials with superior resolution and advanced photo-sensor integration.  Their core technology is the manufacturer of high performance engineering materials to solve their customers’ unique challenges. Luxium Solutions and Mi-Net have been working together in the UK and Ireland for over 30 years.

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Key Features

  • Range of sizes available
  • Cost effective compared to crystal scintillators
  • Can be used to create detector arrays
  • Flexibility of fibers allows geometries that are superior to other detectors
  • Ability to use fibers in difficult spaces
  • Fibers are relatively durable

Fibers Available

Fiber Type Emission Color Emission Peak, nm Decay Time, ns # of Photons per MeV** Characteristics/ Applications
BCF-10 blue 432 2.7 ~8000 General purpose;  optimized for diameters >250μm
BCF-12 blue 435 3.2 ~8000 Improved transmission for use in long lengths
BCF-20 green 492 2.7 ~8000 Fast green scintillator
BCF-60 green 530 7 ~7100 3HF formulation for radiation hardness
BCF-91A green 494 12 n/a Shifts blue to green
BCF-92  green 492 2.7 n/a Fast blue to green shifter
BCF-98  n/a n/a n/a n/a Clear waveguide

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