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We supply photonic materials from world leaders in the development, growth and finishing of high purity single crystal material. We offer scintillator materials in forms such as crystal, plastic, liquid, fibre and more. We also offer monochromator crystals in a range of different 2d spacings plus silicon blocks to extremely low levels of roughness.

Scintillator Materials

Scintillator materials in forms such as Crystal, Plastic, Liquid, Fibre Scintillators and more. Detector assemblies and extras like optical grease are also available.

Silicon Blocks

Silicon blocks for neutron reflectivity and neutron backscattering spectroscopy. Our blocks are polished to extremely low levels of roughness < 2Å (RMS).

X-Ray Monochromators

A monochromating crystal behaves in X-ray spectrometry as does a diffraction grating in optics. Our monochromating crystals offer the widest possible variety of 2d spacing.