The DENKweit B-MOBILE is a versatile hand held tool for measuring the direction and strength of electrical currents. It is easy to use, fast,  non- contact and does not require the user to apply an electrical current during measurement. Data is highly precise, quantitative and in real time so desktop and in-situ options are also available.

The B-MOBILE can be combined with the DENKweit AI software DENKnetze to automatically identify faults and features. DENKnetze is affordable and easy to use.

DENKweit from Halle Germany are an award winning 2018 spin out from the Fraunhofer Institute. Their innovative Magnetic Field Imaging technology combined with their own AI solution DENKnetze has already been sold to a number of world renowned companies and institutes across a variety of applications.


Key Features

  • Quantitative magnetic field imaging
  • Optimised for mobile use with long battery life and light weight
  • Non-contact and in real time
  • User friendly DENKweit platform with advanced data visualization and analysis
  • Can be combined with DENKnetze AI software

Application Examples

The DENKweit technology is used across a variety of different applications.


Microcrack (photovoltaics)

  • Measurement of a solar cell with microcrack
  • The crack is clearly visible
  • Above the crack no soldering points are visible
  • The crack has cut through the busbar

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Technical Specifications

Weight 320g
Sensor Length 16cm
Spatial resolution 2.5mm in x, 0.5mm range in y and z
Radio standard used Bluetooth (coming soon)
Magnetic field resolution 0.3µT
Power supply USB, internal battery (coming soon)
Sensor 3-axis magnetic field sensor from B-Tech series

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