In-line profilometers from Nanovea allow users to effectively identify surface defects by setting pass and fail criteria within product manufacturing.

Nanovea’s unique software provides measurement and analysis of any surface in real time with acquisition rates of more than 1,300,000 points per second.

Multiple non-contact profilometer sensors can be installed to monitor roughness and textures of different areas at the same time.


Nanovea Inc are based in Irvine, a tech hub of Southern California. They have been redefining standards in quality control and materials development internationally for over a decade. Nanovea’s instruments can be found in renowned education and industrial organisations around the world.

Nanovea CB500 Mechanical Tester

Key Features

  • In-situ profilometry
  • Measure roughness and texture of samples
  • Continuous or triggered  inspection
  • Up to 4 line sensors (192 points in line) or up to 8 single point sensors at a time

How It Works

The Chromatic Confocal technique uses white light that passes through a series of lenses with high degree of chromatic aberrations. Each wavelength will focus at a different distance creating the vertical measurement range. When a surface of interest is within the measurement range a single wavelength of the white light will be in focus while all others will be out of focus. Only the focused wavelength will pass through the pin hole filter to reach the CCD spectrometer. The physical wavelength measured corresponds to a vertical position. No complex algorithms are used to obtain the height value ensuring accurate results for all surface conditions unlike other techniques.


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