The PS50 profilometer from Nanovea is designed to provide powerful and accurate surface profilometry in a compact and modern design. The tool is easy to use and ideal for those with restrictions on space and budget where quality of measurement and analysis is still very important. 

Equipped with a 50mm x 50mm stage with interchangeable measurement sensors allowing measurement of a wide range of sample geometries both dull and reflective in finish.

Nanovea Inc are based in Irvine, a tech hub of Southern California. They have been redefining standards in quality control and materials development internationally for over a decade. Nanovea’s instruments can be found in renowned education and industrial organisations around the world.

Nanovea CB500 Mechanical Tester

Key Features

  • 50mm x 50mm sample stage on compact tool
  • 2D and 3D measurement
  • Robust and easy to use
  • Can measure both flat and curved samples using interchangeable measurement sensors
  • Can measure dull and reflective samples
  • Measurement across full stage range with no need for image stitching or refocusing
  • Powerful analysis software

Surface Measurements


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How It works

Chromatic Confocal technique uses white light that passes through a series of lenses with high degree of chromatic aberrations. Each wavelength will focus at a different distance creating the vertical measurement range. When a surface of interest is within the measurement range a single wavelength of the white light will be in focus while all others will be out of focus. Only the focused wavelength will pass through the pin hole filter to reach the CCD spectrometer. The physical wavelength measured corresponds to a vertical position. No complex algorithms are used to obtain the height value ensuring accurate results for all surface conditions unlike other techniques.


Technical Specification

PS50 Base Specifications
X-Y Stage Travel 50mm x 50mm
Z-Axis Travel 30mm manual
X-Y Max Speed 20mm/s


Sensor Specifications
Max Height Range 110µm 300µm 1.1mm 3.5mm 10mm 24mm
Working Distance 3.35mm 10.8mm 12.0mm 16.2mm 25.9mm 20mm
Lateral X-Y Accuracy 0.9µm 1.2µm 2.0µm 3.0µm 7.0µm 8.0µm
Height Repeatability* 1.2nm 2.2nm 3.4nm 17nm 31nm 41nm

*Fixed point measurement on glass. Ra average height variation for 1,200 points (100 sampling).

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