Both thick and thin films can be measured using the SENTECH SENresearch 4.0 spectroscopic ellipsometer. With a spectral range of 190nm in the DUV up to 3,500nm in the NIR the SENresearch 4.0 has one of the widest spectral ranges available in one instrument.

Use of FTIR in the near infrared range allows for a high signal to noise ratio and high spectral resolution. FTIR measurement offers faster measurement of thick films compared to other techniques.

We offer a free sample measurement and demonstration service to customers considering a purchase so please contact us with information about your application.

SENTECH Instruments of Berlin have been manufacturing tools for thin film metrology and processing since 1990. They are a growing company with a reputation for high quality reliable equipment and excellent service. 

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Key Features

  • Wide spectral range from 190nm (DUV) to 3,500nm (NIR)
  • FTIR for high spectral resolution when analyzing thick films up to 200µm thick
  • Low noise due to no moving parts with Step Scan Analyzer principle
  • Motorized pyramid goniometer for variable angles of 20 degrees to 100 degrees
  • Field upgradeable accessories
  • Full Mueller matrix by innovative 2C design
  • Comprehensive SpectraRay/4 measurement software. One of the most powerful packages available on the market so please contact us for a demo.
  • Easy operation for both experts and beginners
  • Comprehensive SENTECH materials library for efficient modeling

Options & Accessories

There are a variety of optional extras that can be added to a SENTECH ellipsometer. Some need to be added during the initial build whilst others can be added on-site by a SENTECH engineer at a later date.

Optional Extras During Instrument Build Field Upgradeable Optional Extras Accessories

Added reflectometer with 80µm spot and software.

300mm motorized mapping stage

HV cryostat for optical measurements 80K – 700K

Auto height and tilt adjustment

Transmission sample holder with quick lock

200µm diameter microspots

Extension for the measurement of 16 Mueller matrix elements including second compensator, motorized turntable and analysis software

150mm or 200mm motorized mapping stage

Computer controlled turntable for measurement of anisotropic samples

Adapters for connecting the SENresearch 4.0 ellipsometer arms to a vacuum chamber via CK 40 flanges (stainless steel)

Liquid cell for in situ measurements

Liquid cell heated up to 70°C

Heating stages for room temperature to 150°C or 300°C

Thin film test wafers 20nm, 100nm, 400nm SiO2 on Si

Additional SpectraRay/4 software licenses

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