Semiconductor Materials

Quality semiconductor materials such as Antimonides, Evaporation Materials, Gallium Nitride, Germanium, High Purity Metals, Molybdenum Components, Silicon Wafers, Sputtering Targets and more.

Testing and Analysis

High quality portfolio of instruments for testing and analysis. Instruments for atomic force microscopy, electronic measurements, leak testing, mechanical testing (indentation, wear, scratch), tribology, profilometry, and thin film metrology. For surface testing we can offer lab services and for all instruments we offer free sample testing and results before purchase.

Thin Film Processing

Instruments and consumables for thin film processing. Techniques such as PVD (physical vapour deposition), PECVD (plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition), ICP-RIE (inductively coupled plasma - reactive ion etching), RIE (reactive ion etching) and PEALD (plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition). Retrofit and upgrade of old instrumentation. Consumables range including sputtering targets and evaporation materials.

Photonic Materials

UK distributor for Saint Gobain Crystals, a world leader in the development, growth and finishing of high purity single crystal material. Wide range of scintillator material in forms such as crystal, plastic, fibre and more. Monochromating crystals for X-ray spectrometry with the widest possible variety of 2d spacing.


High quality range of optics such as infrared, laser and sapphire optics. High performance laser optics from Alpine Research Optics of Boulder Colorado. Catalogue or bespoke optics available. Germanium and Silicon infrared optics in bulk or finished form.

Dosimetry Grade PADC

Dosimetry grade PADC (polyallyl diglycol carbonate) also commonly known as CR-39. PADC is a thermoset resin that is a particularly sensitive etched-track detector for personal neutron and Radon dosimetry (commonly referred to as an Alpha Track Detector). Our PADC can be supplied as sheets or cut to size and we can supply volumes from a few sheets to thousands of sheets.

Display Filters

We are a global supplier of high quality, competitively priced, bespoke optical, RFI, laminated and acrylic infrared filters. With our diverse range of display solutions we can help ensure your products are unmatched in Optical quality. We also supply a range of advanced EMC and RFI shielded optical windows and filters and we can handle anything from a one-off prototype to bulk orders of 100,000 or more.