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Contact Angle Measurements

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Contact Angle Measurement

Surface analysis using contact angle measurement allows us to determine surface cleanliness, evaluate cleaning methods and study adhesion, wetting behaviour, bonding quality, surface treatments and coatings on fiber, fabric, polymer, semiconductor wafer, hard disk, flat panel displays and biomaterials.

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When a liquid drop is placed on the surface of a solid, the shape of the droplet is determined by balance from the three forces of solid, liquid and vapour. The line tangent drawn at the curve of the droplet to the point it intersects the solid surface forms the contact angle. A droplet with high surface tension resting on a low energy solid forms a spherical shape or high contact angle. Conversely, when the solid surface energy exceeds the liquid surface tension, the droplet forms a flatter, lower profile shape or low contact angle. The correlation of contact angle data with surface tension provides fundamental information for critical surface analysis.

The Measurement Technique

The VCA Optima utilizes a precision camera and advanced PC technology to capture static or movie (dynamic) images of the droplet and determine tangent lines for the basis of contact angle measurement. Manual or automatic syringe provides easy dispensing of test liquid. Computerized operation eliminates human error in line drawing and captures dynamic images for time sensitive analysis. Data and images are stored in the computer for later analysis or easy transfer to other software applications.


Contact Angle Measurement Systems

VCA OptimaVCA Optima

The VCA Optima series incorporates lightweight design, easy assembly, the latest Windows™ standards and user-friendly software to create a contact angle instrument that is accurate and easy to use. VCA-optima systems are suitable for research or quality control in R&D and processing engineering. Systems range from the basic Optima to the fully equipped Optima XE. Features include dynamic capture capability, motorized syringe, surface energy analysis and pendant drop analysis, to name a few.

Hardware Features:

  • High-resolution video camera with powerful lens system for fine image focus
  • Solid state lighting for sharper and brighter images
  • High-end PC standard with high-performance video board for advanced image capture and fast results
  • Three-dimension adjustable stage for accurate sample position
  • Standard motorized syringe for XE model
  • Single control box for easy setup
  • Small footprint requires less counter space


  • Measuring range: 0-180 degree
  • Repeatability: 1 degree
  • Accuracy: 0.5 degree
  • Magnification: 35:1 (high mag until 51:1)
  • Sample/specimen stage sizes: 3.5” x 3.5” / W6.5” x L9” x H2.5”
  • Dosing: 150-500 Droplets
  • Input voltage: 110V/50 or 60 Hz
  • Dimensions: L17” x W7” x H15”
  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • Standard accessories: 5 (28g) needle tips, 3 (100ml) syringe
  • Motorized syringe: (XE model only)

VCA 3000sVCA 3000s

VCA-3000S Wafer Surface Analysis Systems are specially design for use in semiconductor wafer processing quality control. The system provides quick and accurate contact angle/ surface energy analysis on wafer surface to evaluate adhesion, cleanliness and coatings. The syringe mechanism can be raised for easy loading and unloading eliminating the possibility of wafer damage. Although the system was designed for wafer surface analysis it is also a useful tool for any application that requires a large stage. Samples sizes up to W12” x L12” x H.75” can easily be accommodated by this system.

Hardware Features:

  • High-resolution video camera with magnifying lens with high intensity LED lighting for precise image capture
  • 300mm rotating stage, allows access to all areas of the wafer
  • High-end PC is standard with high-performance video board for advanced image analysis and video capture
  • Flat Screen Monitor

Platform Specifications:

  • Platform size and shape - 12” Circular
  • Sample size and shape - 4”, 6”, 8”, 12” circular Not wider than 12”
  • Movement along the optical axis - 6” by hand sliding with lock
  • Movement transverse to the optical axis - 6” by dial
  • Vertical travelling distance - 2” by dial
  • Rotating - 360 degrees by hand with planary bearing

VCA Models

VCA Models


AutoFAST Imaging SoftwareAutoFAST Imaging Software

Automatically captures the droplet image and calculates the contact angle measurement Sessile Drop method. Both the contact angle tangent line and computer generated drop shape curve fit are displayed on the video image. Graphical or numerical results can be printed, documented or exported to other programs.

Dynamic-2500 Software

Performs high-speed image capture up to 60 frames/second for dynamic and time-based contact angle analysis. Provides movie viewing of timed interval image capture. Controls motorized syringe and tilting base assembly for advancing and receding contact angle analysis.

SE-2500 Surface Energy (dyne/cm) Software

Calculates the surface energy of an unknown solid substrate in dynes/cm based on the contact angle of multiple known liquids. Tabulates contact angles from a number of liquids on the same substrate and automatically calculates the surface energy using one of the four user selectable methods: Zisman, Geometric Mean, Harmonic Mean, and Acid-Base.

Pendant Drop Analysis for Surface Tension Software (PDAST)Software Wizard

Provides step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions for complicated procedures of dynamic image capture, pendant drop tension analysis and instrument calibration.

Statistical Process Control Software (SPC)

Automatically records contact angle, droplet height, width, volume, and area in an easy to use chart. Instantly displays statistical values of average and standard deviation as the data is entered. All data can be printed, saved and/or exported for further analysis or graphing in other software programs.

Pendant Drop Analysis for Surface Tension Software (PDAST)

Determines the surface tension (or interfacial tension) by pendant drop image analysis through video-imaging digitization and numerical curve-fitting using the laplace equation of capillarity.

DataView Software

Views color charts of contact angle, width and height, wetted area and volume. Data and charts can be stored, printed, and edited.