Gallium Nitride

Gallium Nitride

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We are the UK and Ireland distributor for Saint-Gobain Crystals Lumilog. Saint-Gobain Crystals is a world leader in the development, growth and finishing of high purity single crystal material. LUMILOG develops and manufactures Bulk GaN (GaN Free Standing) and GaN epiwafers on sapphire substrates with very low dislocations densities.

High quality GaN substrates are required to fabricate long-lived, efficient and reliable optoelectronic and electronic devices. Nitride semiconductors are currently used in a variety of components such as near UV Laser Diodes for new generation DVDs, high brightness LEDs for general lighting and high power, high frequency transistors for cellular phone base stations and defence applications.

Bulk Gallium Nitride

Bulk GaN is Free Standing Gallium Nitride with low dislocation densities. This material comes in 2", 3" and 4" diameters and offers the following advantages over GaN templates:

Gallium Nitride Templates

GaN templates consist of Gallium Nitride grown on a 2" sapphire wafer. The crystal quality is not as high as Bulk GaN but is still excellent. GaN Templates are more cost effective than Bulk GaN so are ideal for applications that are not as demanding as those requiring Bulk GaN.

Applications for Gallium Nitride