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TRIBOTOUCH Hand Abrasion Tester

The TRIBOTOUCH hand abrasion tester is designed to perform real life testing of finished products or lab samples in respect of resistance to hand abrasion. The TRIBOTOUCH is set-up to exactly reproduce the complex chemomechanical system of human hand abrasion according to international standards. The flexible design of the TRIBOTOUCH allows various mechanical and chemical options.

The state of the art design of the TRIBOTOUCH produces highly reproducible results. The motion of the piston (artificial finger) is electronically controlled to ensure repeatability. The selected components of the TRIBOTOUCH guarantee high reliability by low maintenance.

Precise Simulation of Touch

When humans touch a surface they expect a feedback. Our fingers are not sensitive in regards of pressure, however they are very sensitive for shear and friction. Therefore, when we need feedback from a surface we always perform a sliding motion by touching a surface.

The TRIBOTOUCH exactly reproduces the act of a human touch on the surface. The piston moves with an 45° angle and normed speed onto the surface. After touching the surface the piston slides a predefined distance along the surface.

The human hand consists of a visco elastic material containing a rough and structured surface. The visco-elasticity of the finger is reproduced by a silicone material, the structure of the skin is simulated by a normed cotton textile. In addition, sweat or hand cream can be added to create a severe chemical environment.

Instrument Specification

TRIBOTOUCH Applications

Normal load: 1, 5, 10N (20N optional)

Friction path: 1 - 40mm

Number of cycles: 1 -100 million

Fluid feed: cyclic

Fabric feed: cyclic

Power supply: 110V / 230V

Weight: 55kg

Mechanical Options Available

Standard fabric

Simulation of human skin acc.

ISO 12947-1/IEC 68-2-70

Dirt affinity

Simulation of soiling of materials.

Cotton soiled with carbon back/oil (IEC).

Abrasion of leather

Simulation of rub resistance of leather.

Standard wool felt.

Abrasion Pads

Simulation of high-abrasive mechanical wear.

Abrasion Pad Scotch test

Simulation of abrasion with scotch pads.

More options on request.

Chemical Options Available

Artificial Sweat

Artificial Sweat according to DIN ISO 9022-12.

Hand cream / Sun lotion

Hand cream and Sun lotion according to customer specification.

More options on request.


Automotive market:

  • Printing on switches
  • Coating of door handles
  • Others

White goods:

  • Printing
  • Painted surface
  • Others

Computer industry:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Others


  • Surface of handhelds
  • Switches
  • Others


  • Banknotes
  • Security features
  • Others

Norms / Specifications

International Norm: EC 68-2-70

European Norm: EN 60068-2-70

German Norm: DIN 60068-2-70

Abrasion of markings and letterings caused by rubbing of fingers and hands.