ResiScope Electrical Characterisation for AFM

ResiScope II Electrical Characterization AFM

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Local Oxidation Nanolithography of Titanium Thin Films - In this application note LON of 10 nm-thick titanium thin films, deposited onto alumina (isolating) substrates by Pulsed Laser Deposition technique, was performed with a 5500LS system implemented with a ResiScope module. Read more...

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ResiScope II Electrical Characterization AFM

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The ResiScope II is a unique system able to measure Resistance over 10 decades with a high sensitivity and resolution. It can be combined with several dynamic modes such as MFM/EFM (AC/MAC mode) or KFM single‐pass (AC/MAC III) providing several different sample characterisations on the same scan area.

The measurement is made by applying a DC bias between the sample and a conductive AFM probe (tip at virtual ground). The tip is scanning in contact mode using the laser deflection for the AFM feedback . As an independent measurement, the ResiScope II measures the sample resistance through the High Performance Amplifier (HPA).

What is ResiScope

What is ResiScope?

  • A dual measurement system
  • Resistance measurement
  • Current measurement (& IV spectroscopy)
  • Compatible with Oscillating mode (Tapping/AC mode)
  • Compatible with EFM/MFM or Single-pass KFM
  • Resistance 102 ohms to 1012 ohms (10 decades dynamic)
  • Output information : R, Log R, Current & I/V Spectroscopy


  • Photovoltaic
  • Semiconductors
  • Oxyde characterization
  • All conductive characterization


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic mode selection
  • Configurable outputs
  • Selectable output scale: R | Log R | Current


Resistance range10² Ω to 10^12 Ω
Current range (ResiScope mode)100 fA to 1mA
AFM compatibilityAgilent Technologies : 5100/5500/5500LS/5420/5600LS
CSInstruments : Nano-Observer
UHV : please contact us
Compatible AFM modeContact / Tapping / AC mode
EFM / MFM / KFM single-pass
Operating EnvironmentWindows® XP.SP3 Framework DotNet 3.5 SP1 One USB port available.
Power SupplyAC 100‐240V 47‐63Hz, 1A The appliance must be properly grounded.
Weight (net)2kg




Resiscope / AC Mode / KFM

Oxide Characterisation

Compatible with

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