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Circular Polarisers

With a diverse selection of Vikuiti™ Linear polarising filters in bespoke sizes and a variety light transmissions we can assist you in improving the readability of your electronic displays. Moreover our polarising and non-polarising filters reduce the glare of electronic displays whilst enhancing contrast. Our range of linear polarising products and wave retarders can be used in applications such as stress analysis, 3D projection systems and photography.

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Circular Polarisers

A Vikuiti circular polariser comprises a linear polariser and a 1/4 wave retarder whose slow and fast axes are at 45° to the axis of the polariser. A ray of unpolarised light, passing through the linear polariser, becomes polarised at 45° to the axis of the retarder. When this polarised light ray passes through the retarder its vibration direction is made to move in a helical pattern. After the light ray is reflected from a specular surface the sense of rotation of the vibration reverses. This rotation is stopped in the return through the retarder. The light ray is now linearly polarised in a plane 90° to its original polarisation plane, and is absorbed by the linearly polarised component of the circular polariser. A Vikuiti circular polariser effectively acts like a light valve blocking light completely and therefore offers the ultimate in contrast enhancement.

Circular Polariser Principle Circular Polariser Principle

Thickness Tolerance Information

0.76mm +0.05/–0.10mm, 1.83mm +0.36/–0.46mm, 3.35mm +/–0.64mm, 4.83 +/–0.46mm

Non standard colours and thicknesses are available on request.