The SE500adv ellipsometer combines laser ellipsometry and spectroscopic reflectometry onto one compact benchtop tool.

For ellipsometry a stabilized HeNe laser guarantees a precision of 0.1Å for thin film measurements of ultra thin single layers. The addition of a spectroscopic reflectometer allows the user to extend the measurement range of the tool up to transparent films of 25µm and more.

A manual goniometer allows measurement of film thickness, refractive index and extinction coefficient of single and multilayer stacks from angles of 40° to 90° at 5° steps.

The SE500adv is designed to be easy to use and to provide fast measurements. In fact the speed of measurements allows users to perform repeating measurements for applications such as film growth tracking and end point detection. The measurement speed also makes sample mapping an attractive option.

SENTECH Instruments of Berlin have been manufacturing tools for thin film metrology and processing since 1990. They are a growing company with a reputation for high quality reliable equipment and excellent service. 

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Key Features

  • Single wavelength laser ellipsometry combined with spectroscopic reflectometry
  • Compact desktop instrument
  • Measurement of single and multilayer stacks
  • Easy to use and high speed with mapping options available
  • Variable angle 40° to 90° in steps of 5°
  • Measurement of film thickness, refractive index and extinction coefficient
  • Measurement of very thin films of thick films up to 25µm
  • Comprehensive SENTECH materials library for efficient modelling

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