The SENDIRA infrared ellipsometer is specially designed to use FTIR. The table top instrument links to a commercial FTIR instrument to provide excellent precision and high resolution in the spectral range from 1.7µm – 25µm.

The spectroscopic ellipsometer is focussed on the vibrational spectroscopic analysis of thin layers.

Applications range from dielectric films, TCOs, semiconductors to organic layers.

SENTECH Instruments of Berlin have been manufacturing tools for thin film metrology and processing since 1990. They are a growing company with a reputation for high quality reliable equipment and excellent service. 

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Key Features

  • Spectral range of 1.7µm to 25µm
  • Measurement of thin film thickness, refractive index, extinction coefficient and related properties
  • Measurement of bulk materials, single layers and multi-layer stacks
  • Measurement of buried layers beneath layers that are not transparent in the visual range
  • Motorized goniometer for variable angle measurements
  • Low noise due to no moving parts with Step Scan Analyzer principle
  • Comprehensive SpectraRay/4 measurement software. One of the most powerful packages available on the market so please contact us for a demo
  • Easy operation for both experts and beginners
  • Comprehensive SENTECH materials library for efficient modelling

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