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Linear Polarisers

With a diverse selection of Vikuitiā„¢ Linear polarising filters in bespoke sizes and a variety light transmissions we can assist you in improving the readability of your electronic displays. Moreover our polarising and non-polarising filters reduce the glare of electronic displays whilst enhancing contrast. Our range of linear polarising products and wave retarders can be used in applications such as stress analysis, 3D projection systems and photography.

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Linear Polarisers

Synthetic Linear polarising filters (polarisers) possess special properties for selectively absorbing light vibrations in certain planes. When unpolarised light, which is a complex mixture of vibrations lying in all possible directions transverse to the line of travel, is passed through a linear polariser its vibrations become confined to a single linear plane and the light is considered "polarised". This linearly polarised light can be modified to suppress unwanted reflections and to eliminate glare for a variety of applications.

Linear Polariser Principle

Polaroid Linear Polariser Transmission

A = Single Polariser; B = Two Polarisers, Axes Parallel; C = Two Polarisers, Axes Crossed

Polariser: HN32

Type: Neutral linear polariser

Features: Represents the best balance between transmission and extinction for general use. Extinction transmission is about 0.005%.

Typical Applications: Variable density filter systems, photoelastic stress analysis and other application where light modulation is necessary.

HN32 Neutral Linear Polariser

Polariser: HN38

Type: Neutral linear polariser

Features: Exceptionally free from colour distortion.

Typical Applications: Camera filters, studio light filters, variable colour filter systems, other applications where high transmission is required along with a medium extinction density.

HN38 Neutral Linear Polariser

Polariser: HN42

Type: Neutral linear polariser

Features: High Transmission

Typical Applications: Photographic, spectrographic and other applications where insertion losses must be kept to a minimum.

HN42 Neutral Linear Polariser