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The CT200 from Alliance Concept is one of the most advanced cluster tools on the market. It is the result of 25 years of experience and expert know-how. Presently the CT200 is used in a wide range of fields including micro-electronics, watch making, research and photovoltaics.

At the heart of the CT200 is a central transfer chamber equipped with an automated vacuum robot with a z-axis. The central chamber can then be connected to a wide range of process modules each isolated from the others to avoid particulate contamination.

Connected modules may include:

CT200 Main Features:

* Values have been measured on equipment already delivered and should be used as information only. The features of a system depend on it's final configuration.

We are in the process of identifying a new reference site for the CT200 in the UK. If you would be willing to act as a reference in exchange for preferential pricing please get in touch.

For more information about the CT200 or to discuss your application and how we can help please contact us.