DENKnetze software performs image analysis with artificial intelligence and with a relatively small number of images (from 20).

DENKnetze is easy to use without expert knowledge and is inexpensive when compared to some of the other AI image analysis software presently on the market.

The software can be used for a wide variety of applications from quality control in production, materials analysis in research through to applications such as analysis of drone photography.

DENKweit from Halle Germany are an award winning 2018 spin out from the Fraunhofer Institute. Their innovative Magnetic Field Imaging technology combined with their own AI solution DENKnetze has already been sold to a number of world renowned companies and institutes across a variety of applications.


Key Features

Reduced Cost

  • No expensive hardware or experts needed

Tried and Tested

  • Already in use in mass production and other applications
  • Adaptable due to high flexibility

At the Cutting Edge

  • Based on published scientific papers
  • Key features such as network architecture and anomaly detection have been developed in-house
  • All protected behind Fraunhofer Institute firewall


The flexibility of the DENKnetze AI software means that it has not been written for one specific application. Customers are using it for production quality control but also applications such as object evaluation or services.

Quality control in production Data evaluation of product Artificial intelligence in services
Can be implemented into optical monitoring systems. The user determines rejects and sorting criteria and can get results in minutes. Some users need to evaluate an image or object for innovative products. Some have different customers with various applications. DENKnetze is your solution for this. DENKnetze can be implemented into services or platform technologies. Just contact us for more information!

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DENKnetze image analysis has many possible applications:

Drone Photography

  • Object recognition and classification on aerial drone images
  • Image and video processing
  • Only requires a few images to train the software

Landscape Control

  • Object recognition and classification on aerial drone landscape images
  • Image and video processing
  • Only requires a few images to train the software

Packaging Industry

  • Object recognition and classification of any packaging objects
  • Only requires a few images to train the software
  • Simple and flexible integration into production environment

Face Pixelation

  • Create photos or videos that are DSGVO compliant
  • Pixelate faces quickly and reliably
  • Run process online or on-site

Metal Analysis

  • Analyse any metallic surface
  • Combine with camera technology for unique solution
  • Run process online or on-site
  • Effective replacement for visual inspection

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