The SI ALD from Sentech Instruments can be set-up for thermal or plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition. A true remote plasma source enables homogenous and conformal coating of sensitive substrates and layers at low temperatures <100°C. A high flux of reactive gas species is provided at the sample surface without UV radiation or ion bombardment.

In situ diagnostics takes place with the Sentech ALD real time monitor which enables ultra-high resolution of single ALD cycles.

The reactor chamber can easily be opened for regular cleaning and integration with glove box systems and cluster configurations are all possible.

SENTECH Instruments of Berlin have been manufacturing tools for thin film metrology and processing since 1990. They are a growing company with a reputation for high quality reliable equipment and excellent service. 

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Key Features

  • Optional load lock
  • Option to add true remote plasma source
  • Low temperature processing using plasma enhanced ALD
  • Lifting device for opening reactor
  • Glove box and cluster integration possible
  • Truly integrated in-situ real time monitor using SENTECH metrology tools

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