Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition Systems PECVD

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PECVD thin film deposition

We supply PECVD systems from Sentech Instruments of Berlin Germany. The PECVD systems from Sentech feature outstanding deposition properties such as low etch rate, high breakdown voltage, low stress, no damage of substrate and very low interface state density down to deposition temperatures of less than 100 degrees Celcius allowing for outstanding properties of the deposited thin films.

ICP plasma deposition system SI 500 D

The high end ICPECVD system SI 500 D provides exceptional performance for plasma based deposition processes. High quality dielectric and Si films are deposited using high density PECVD generated with the PTSA ICP plasma source. The planar triple spiral antenna (PTSA) ensures excellent properties of the deposited films, such as low etching rates, low stress and low interface state density at very low deposition temperatures (≤ 100 °C).

SI500D Plasma Deposition System

PECVD loadlock system SI 500 PPD

The flexible PECVD system SI 500 PPD features a variety of standard plasma deposition processes. SiO2, SiNx, SiOxNy, and a-Si are deposited with capacitively coupled plasma. The flexible design allows to use gaseous or liquid precursors for PECVD like TEOS.


PECVD direct loading system Depolab 200

The PECVD system Depolab 200 combines cost effective direct loading and parallel plate plasma source in a basic, compact design. The easy to use direct loading system enables user-friendly batch processing (with carrier or direct loading onto the substrate electrode). The clever PECVD system can be upgraded for enhanced performance on demand.

Depolab 200 Budget PECVD System